Funeral Ceremony

A funeral ceremony can be as individual as the person.

Rich in history and abundant in symbolism, the funeral ceremony helps us acknowledge the reality of death, gives testimony to the life of the deceased, encourages the expression of grief, provides support to mourners, allows embracing of faith and beliefs about life and death and offers continuity and hope for the living.

Deciding on what type of funeral to have is a matter of personal choice and you should not rush this decision. You may decide on a simple ceremony or prefer to hold a more elaborate final farewell for your loved one.

An important decision to be made when arranging a funeral service is to decide whether a burial or cremation will take place. Another important factor is to ensure the service is an affordable one for you or the estate and the directions left by the deceased expressing their choices has to be taken into consideration.

At Abelia, your loved ones are in the care of highly trained women who embrace their ability to serve the Riverina and districts.

Our Services

Funeral Ceremony

A ceremony is conducted at a Church, Chapel or Graveside immediately before the burial or cremation, or prior to the committal service.

Memorial Service

A Service conducted after the burial or cremation of the deceased.


The most common type of burial takes place at a cemetery. Cemeteries are run by the local Council or can both be owned and run by a privately company. Another alternative is burial on private farm land, however this is subject to Council and Health Department approval. Interment of deceased can take place directly after a Church or Graveside Ceremony or prior to a Memorial Service.


Cremation can take place either directly after a Chapel of Church Ceremony or prior to a memorial service.

More Information

Cost of a funeral

The cost of a funeral varies, depending on the options you and your family choose. Typically those costs would include professional fees, cemetery, church, newspapers and florists. You will be given an estimation of costs and a detailed explanation of services, or if you have any special requirements for a funeral service, please don’t hesitate to call us.


This is a personal choice for families. The viewing while it can be an emotional time, many people find it a comforting way to say their final goodbyes this can be arranged in our quite, homely and private environment within our facilities.

Prepaid / Prearranged funerals

At Abelia Lady Funerals we offer a service that allows you to plan ahead.

Anyone can take out a prepaid funeral plan regardless of their age or state of their health. The benefits of pre-planning your funeral is the relief it provides for your loved ones at an emotional time and will provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your affairs are in order. Prepaid funerals lift some of the financial load from those who are left behind at a time where they are in no state to face tough decisions.

Miss me a little but not with your head bowed low, Remember the joy and love that once we shared. Memory is the treasury and keeper of all things. Miss me—but let me go.

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